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Paul Dybing

Senior Loan Review Officer | SVP

I am currently a Senior Lender for the East Region loan team and work with lenders and loan technicians to help meet their client’s needs. I have recently taken on additional responsibilities related to internal loan review, which is overseen by Risk Management. I am part of the residential/retail loan committee as a voting member and the executive loan committee as a non-voting member.

My favorite thing about working for Bank Forward is the people I get to work with. My co-workers exhibit high character and are motivated self-starters with exceptional integrity. I also learned quickly that I do not need to wear ties. Mark Brown and Tom Watson kept cutting them off every time I did.

I started working in March 2004 at then Centennial National Bank in Walker, MN. The position I held at Centennial National Bank was Senior Loan Officer in Commercial Lending. I became an official employee of Bank Forward when Centennial and Security State Bank of North Dakota merged.

I graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. While in college, I worked as a part-time teller and started full-time in banking in 1993.

I like to ride bike in my spare time. I try to ride in several longer organized rides each summer. They are typically 75-100 miles on a road bike or 40-50 miles on a mountain bike. Biking is an activity that anyone can do at any age. You just need to get on a bike and pedal!

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