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Protect your hard work.

Your business is your life. We understand the risks you face day in and day out. Liability insurance protects your business from unexpected claims or lawsuits. Regardless of your business size or category, we are here to help you build a plan to protect your hard work.

Liability Coverage Options For Your Business


General liability coverage protects your business against a variety of third party claims that arise from your business operations. Coverage may include premises and operations liability for onsite and jobsite accidents, products liability to cover bodily injury or property damage, advertising and personal injury, fire legal liability and medical payments to others.
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Equipment Floater​

Designed to move with your equipment from job site to job site, an equipment floater policy can cover many types of mobile property, from hand tools to bobcats, skid steers, and tractors.
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Cyber Liability

This unique form of insurance protects businesses against misuse of their computer system and the information contained within it. Damage can come from outside unauthorized sources who intentionally breach (hack) your computer’s security system to create damage to files or obtain information from files with the intent to commit fraud or misuse. Damage can also occur from authorized computer system users (employees) who intentionally or by unintentional actions allow access to company or client private information. Coverage may also include extra expenses triggered by notifying clients of security breaches and resolution of resulting issues.
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Liquor Liability

This liability coverage is available to establishments that serve, sell, distribute, manufacture, or supply alcoholic beverages. This coverage may be added as an endorsement to a general liability policy or purchased separately.

Umbrella Liability

Your business is your life. You built it from the ground up. You can have all the procedures in place to ensure smooth operations, but are you prepared if an unthinkable accident or mistake happens?Umbrella insurance is a secondary level of liability protection in addition to your other liability insurance coverages. It helps protect you against liability claims that exceed your liability policy limits.
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Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance protects business professionals, such as attorneys, doctors, consultants, contractors, and accountants, from claims of negligence or mistakes related to the services or advice they provide. Experts who give advice usually require this coverage because their services can lead to mistakes that can cause financial or indirect loss for their clients.We work with several insurance carriers that specialize in covering all types of professionals in various fields. You deserve the kind of protection that allows you to relax and focus on your clients.
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Each policy is different, and limitations apply.

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