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Lu Haugen Insure Forward Hannaford

Lu Haugen, CIC

Insurance Sales Agent | VP

When we say we’ve bought insurance, or that we insure our home for example; we’re stating that we are actively protecting our assets from the unthinkable. We’re being proactive in protecting not only material things, but also our future. As a fully licensed insurance agent and Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), I’ve had the privilege of helping people protect their future for over 30 years, and many of my customers are farmers. During this time, I’ve seen what the devastation of Mother Nature can do to homes, farms and crops; but I’ve also seen relief once the restoration or recovery process is complete. My career is not a “job,” it’s about helping people; and more specifically, helping people identify their assets so they can move forward should a loss occur.

At Insure Forward, we have access to a wide array of insurance products and companies. Each company has a “strong suit” so once we identify your needs, we can match you with the company that will provide the best coverage at an affordable price. That is our goal. We also work with various insurance brokers, so if your insurance needs are unique and cannot be met by a standard insurance company, these brokers will search for other companies that are willing and able to provide the coverage you seek. The Insure Forward team of professionals is more than an “insurance agency.” We’re people, helping people. I look forward to working with you today, and in the future.

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