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Grant Bollingberg

Market President, AG Lender | SVP

Growing up and being actively involved in a family farm has shown me the importance of teamwork and how all facets of a farm need to be working together to ensure long term success. Since beginning at Bank Forward in 2006, I have had the opportunity to become a part of many customers’ farms and businesses.

Bank Forward continues to be locally owned and operated as it has been since 1927. This offers our customers local and timely decision making to keep their farms and businesses operating smoothly.

We offer a number of loan programs. Our primary focus continues to be you, the customer, and doing what is best for your operation. We also partner with Bank of North Dakota, FSA and SBA to offer a wide variety of borrowing options.

I am also a licensed crop hail and multi-peril insurance agent. This allows me to help manage your risk and protect your investment. As the agriculture industry continues to evolve, I look forward to growing with you and your team in the future.

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